Definitions for "Buckling"
Wavy; curling, as hair.
A mode of structural response characterized by an out-of-plane material deflection due to compressive action on the structural element involved. In advanced composites, buckling may take the form not only of conventional general instability and local instability but also a micro-instability of individual fibers.
A deformation of a layout of tape which appears laterally across the roll causing an opening between layers.
An undesirable effect that occurs when a sheet of paper has been improperly printed or folded, causing wrinkles.
Rippling or wrinkling of roofing membrane.
Warping or wrinkling of the roof membrane. French (Ondulations)
a smoked herring, normally from Lowestoft or Yarmouth
A buckling, is a form of hot-smoked herring similar to the kipper and the bloater. The head and guts are removed but the roes remain. They may be eaten hot or cold.
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Baby male goat.
Distortion or lack of flatness. This may be caused by chemical degradation, shrinkage, or flow. (See Distortion.)