Definitions for "Deflection"
The act of turning aside, or state of being turned aside; a turning from a right line or proper course; a bending, esp. downward; deviation.
The deviation of a shot or ball from its true course.
A deviation of the rays of light toward the surface of an opaque body; inflection; diffraction.
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Also detected when the individual is in group therapy and consists of redirecting attention to another group member. The distortion campaign is a deflection ("HE is the sick one, not me !")
a shot which redirects a shot or a pass towards the goal from another player, by allowing the puck to strike the stick and carom towards the goal
A shot or pass that changes direction when it strikes a player, skate, or stick. While often accidental, a deflection may also be a deliberate act of a player who uses the stick to redirect a teammate's shot into the goal cage.
A tactic which forces an opponent piece from a square where it had to be, either because it was defending a piece or square or because it was blocking a threat.
A dimensional change of a material as a result of stress.  Deflection of elastomers occurs with the application of compressive force.
An indication of a vibration isolator's ability to provide vibration control. Deflection refers to the amount that an elastomer, such as a rubber mount, moves due to a force, such as vibration or shock.
The variation in the normal flight path of a projectile caused by wind or other external influences.
The change in the path of the projectile due to passing through a medium or caused by wind.
In a cathode ray tube, electron beams are passed through an electric or magnetic field, whereby the beam is deflected from the path that would follow in the absence of such fields. By the use of varying magnetic or electric deflection fields, the beam traces a line of excitation on the phosphor screen. By moving two fields, deflection can be in two directions.
the amount by which a propagating wave is bent
the property of being bent or deflected
Maximum amount the shaft is deflected during the downswing.
1. An uncontrolled rebound off a player or the referee. 2. A save attempt by a goalkeeper (usually with the hands) where the ball rebounds away (see parry).
Defuse general malevolence and ill will of others. A mirror is most commonly used in a deflection ritual to either return or deflect evil intent.
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A lateral motion, a motion at right angles to the length of the piece. Also the amount of such motion expressed in some lineal unit as inches.
Motion laterally, or at right ang1e to the length of the piece. It is also used for the amount of motion, and is generally expressed in inches.
a turning aside (of your course or attention or concern); "a diversion from the main highway"; "a digression into irrelevant details"; "a deflection from his goal"
a twist or aberration; especially a perverse or abnormal way of judging or acting
The change in trajectory of a vehicle imposed by geometric features of the roadway.
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to distract a piece or pawn away from a task example
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drilling term – the amount of flex exhibited by the drill rods. The drill head is typically steered by pushing it into the formation without rotation. There are limits to which the rods can be pushed before they deflect excessively.
A way of avoiding contact and awareness by being vague and indirect.
Deflection is a term used in physics, automotive, engineering, and weapon applications to describe four separate phenomena.
A thrown football which changes direction as a result of being touched or tipped by another player.
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The act of transferring all or part of a risk to another party, usually by some form of contract provision, insurance policy or warranty. Also called risk transference.
The horizontal (left-right) portion of aiming. See also: elevation.
usually expressed as a percentage, is equal to the change in pipe diameter divided by the original pipe diameter times 100.
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See Bearing deflection
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See trade deflection.