Definitions for "Bends"
another name for decompression sickness.
"the bends" is a painful condition caused when nitrogen gas forms bubbles in a diver's blood. Scuba divers risk getting "the bends" if they come up too fast from a deep dive.
dangerous condition caused by gas bubbles in the blood stream, suffered by divers who ascend from pressurized depths too quickly.
First order  Offsets in the arch wire to accommodate the labiolingual and buccolingual thickness of teeth. (horizontal plane) Second order  Offsets in the archwire in the vertical plane for tipping and uprighting teeth. Third order  Twist or torque changes in a rectangular arch along the long axis of the archwire. Tip-back bends  Bend placed to tip teeth back. Tip-forward bends  Bend's placed to tip teeth forward. Gable, tent bends  Uprighting teeth at extraction sites. bends  Place to mark, solder or twist wire. Aesthetic bends (beauty)  Positioning anterior teeth for optimal cosmetic appeal.
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The strongest planks in a vessel's sides.
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See: DCS