Definitions for "Sides"
The term Sides refers to casting or shooting sides. In both instances, it refers to actual bits of script that sometimes get out ahead of the episode. Casting sides in particular become available early on, because they are what actors and actresses reading for a particular part on the show use to audition with.
A part of a script. Usually one or two short scenes used for audition purposes.
Pages or scenes from a script, used in auditions or (if on a film set) those scenes being shot that day.
The two gunnel chines and the two side chines.
The two teams or athletes playing - the underdog and the favorite.
The names of the two teams playing.
Sides is officially the third (but technically the fourth) solo album from former Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips. It was released in 1979 by Passport Records.
See "Faces."
Erroneous Concept for the Windows or Faces of a System