Definitions for "DCS"
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Acronym for Desktop Colour Separation. Originally introduced by Quark, it splits an image into five separate files: a low-res preview plus the four process channels, CMYK. Uses - bureaus can supply a designer with the low-res image only, at about 10% the total file size, these files are imported as FPO (For Position Only) into the layout. The FPOs are linked with the high-res files immediately prior to output. The low-res is useful too as it reduces the laser proofing time during the design process dramatically. There are two Photoshop DCS formats: DCS 1.0 and DCS 2.0 - DCS 2.0 supports a fifth, spot colour, channel.
Desktop Color Separation EPS file format. An extension of the standard .eps format developed by Quark. It saves the file into five separate EPS documents which can be read by applications such as QuarkXPress.
Division of Child Support. A division within DSHS that establishes paternity and collects child support for public assistance and non-assistance clients. DCS also determines if a client is not cooperating with support collection activities. See: Child Support;
digital cross-connect system. an electronic cross-connect that has access to lower-rate channels in higher-rate multiplexed signals and can electronically rearrange (cross-connect) those channels
(see Digital Code Squelch)
Digital Communications Service
Das i Data Center Steuern i
Das " Data Center Steuern"
Data Collaboration Server
Decompression Sickness - same as DCI
See decompression sickness
decompression sickness. Also known as "the bends," this pressure-related injury occurs when nitrogen dissolved in the tissues during a dive bubbles out of solution into the body's tissues. Can occur from ascending too fast or staying too long at a given depth. Requires treatment in a recompression chamber.
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ISBL PFD-2 Startup
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Distributed computation software for researching complicated systems.Developed for modelling varios experiments on complicated systems in order to reduce time of the experiment.Consists of two modules: task managing module, task processing module.
An abbreviation for the DLESE Collection System.
Drill Collars PCV Pressure control valve
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The Don C. Stevens award is given for the best banded or eyed daylily.
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Diversity DUN
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document communal synthétique.
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The software used to run the DCN.
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Deputy Chief of Staff
Defense Courier Service
Direct Commercial Sales. Companies may sell defense products and services directly to foreign governments using commercial sales practices. Any such sales must be approved by the State Department. In fact, even to market such products, a license is also required if any information is to be provided beyond that which is publicly available.
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Diploma in Counselling Studies
see 'Doctoral Completion Scholarship'.
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Dynamic compression screw
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division clearing station
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Dedicated Contract Services
Department of ChildrenÕs Services
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Developing countries