Definitions for "pdc "
A Japanese standard for mobile telephony in the 800- to 1,500-megahertz spectrum.
PDC is the second generation digital cellular standard developed for use in Japan.
personal digital communication
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The Primary Domain Controller is a server in a Windows network that administers users and their privileges.
Park Distance Control
Primary Domain Controller. A server assigned to administer security for a domain. This server stores the master database of all domain-assigned security data for users and must be updated when changes in security are made. See also Backup Domain Controller (BDC), member server.
Partido Demócrato Cristiano (Christian Democratic Party). Centrist opposition party. Part of opposition coalition, ADO ( q.v.).
Parti Democrate chretien, a conservative party that had ties to the Belgian administration during their occupation.
Partido Democrata Cristao (Christian Democrat Party of Timor)
PDC is a desktop calculator in the 'bc' style with features designed for programmers. It does not support floating point math, but does provide all the C operators and implements ISO C operator precedence. Additionally, functions are available to assist with 'bit bashing' tasks such as byte swapping and bit scanning.
Program Delivery Control. PDC is a system to make recording a certain program easier. PDC tells the video recorder the exact start and end times of a program even if there has been changes in the programme schedule. Recording will always start at the right time and end at the right time.
rogramme elivery ontrol. A feature of VHS video recorders. A ghost signal is transmitted alongside a television programme that a VCR with PDC can understand. The signal contains programme information. When the VCR is set to record a particular programme, and the PDC feature is active, the VCR will record the programme from the actual start to the actual end only when it receives the ghost signal. It will alter the VCR settings to record the correct programme even if it starts or ends slightly different to the time shown in TV listings.
Abbreviation for: pre-departure clearance Fr: PDC
Abbreviation for acific igital ellular.
Correct abbreviation for the honor of Past Department Commander. Listed after the name of a man who has served as Department Commander for a full term or who has completed an unexpired term or who has served as Department Secretary for 10 consecutive years and has been granted the honor by a National Encampment.
Product Development Center Building in Dearborn housing Ford's designers
Pacific Disaster Center. An information processing center to support emergency managersin the Pacific region. Funded by the U.S. Department of Defense.
Planetary Defense Center.
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Processor Dependent Code. The system firmware on HP PA-RISC systems. It provides basic read/write capability. Usually kept as firmware (ROM based). The system firmware on the main board of a computer is used to boot and control the system.
Processor dependent code. Machine specific assembler code from flash memory or ROM.
Philadelphia Doctorate Course - Lecturer: L.R.H. (high level Auditor training course in Church of Scientology in 1952)
polycrystalline diamond compact. n: a disk (a compact) of very small synthetic diamonds, metal powder, and tungsten carbide powder that are used as cutters on PDC bits.
Professional Development Council - the group of the teachers and administrators from every district building who oversee the professional training process in USD 253
This council service provides a base for school-focused activities and training, where teachers and managers can meet regarding education-related matters both formally and informally. It also provides a working base for advisory teachers.
Planned Development Commercial
program development committee, the Association level committee responsible for the biennial conventions and other member programs. At the state and branch level, "committee on program development" is often shortened to "program committee," but PDC may be used if the context is clear.
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Post-Dated Cheques
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personnel data card
Permanent Disability Compensation