Definitions for "Third Generation"
Usually used in reference to the next generation digital mobile network.
The newest generation of mobile communications, it is based on the GSM core. This advance allows greater bandwidth, opening the way to increased data-over-wireless solutions such as smart phones. Not expected to be fully operational until 2002.
3G is the term given to the range of infrastructure and handsets developed to provide much enhanced data communication services within the cellular networks. Third generation, or 3G as it is widely known, mobile licenses were awarded to Network Operators in April 2000. This network means that advanced mobile phones can take advantage of technology such as full high-speed net surfing, and video messaging.
(3G) means, for the purposes of this Condition spectrum within the 1900¡V1980 MHz, 2110¡V2170 MHz.
The radio frequency spectrum between 1900–1980 MHz, 2110–2170 MHz.
Object-oriented methodologies appearing after 1995, focussing on the technical process and management process. Characteristically more selective in choice of techniques, inclusion of metrics and cross-checks.
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