Definitions for "Radio"
An electrical device that is capable of sending or receiving messages by means of electromagnetic waves through the air.
A general expression applied to the use of radio waves. Fr: radio
The process of telecommunication by modulation and radiation of electromagnetic waves. Or, specifically, a transmitter, receiver, or transceiver used for communication via electromagnetic waves.
The first broadcast medium. It's origins date back to November 1920, when returns of the Harding-Cox presidential election were read over KDKA, Pittsburgh, PA. Radio reaches listeners at home, at work, on the road 24 hours a day. Radio is also called the immediacy medium because advertisers can react to changes in the marketplace by getting their commercials on the air, or changing copy, often the same day.
You will meet a pleasurable new aquaintance if you dream of listening to the radio. If you turn it off, you may have difficulties with your current partner. Watch your finances if you dream of repairing one.
Radio is an East Coast rap album by hip hop artist LL Cool J, released in 1985 (see 1985 in music). LL Cool J had dropped out of high school to record the album (after the 12" "I Need A Beat" became a moderate success the year before), and he was seventeen years old when it was released. Widely considered one of the first hip-hop LPs that are a cohesive whole, the album was surprisingly popular for a hip-hop album in the mid-1980s.
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a box/A razor blade is an ox/Fat diamonds is rocks, and jakes is cops")
a box, a razor blade is a ox
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RAILROAD$: links general stories only; As of JANUARY 1995, this term is no longer in use. RAILROAD: specific stories of accidents, derailments, etc. RANKING: used often with LIST and NAMELIST.
a different story though, as some of these guys on here know
Radio, released October 2003, is a film directed by Mike Tollin that is based on the true story of a T.L. Hanna High School football coach (Ed Harris) and a mentally-challenged young man nicknamed Radio (Cuba Gooding, Jr.). Starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., Ed Harris, Debra Winger, and Alfre Woodard, it was based on the December 16 1996 Sports Illustrated Article "Someone to Lean On" by Gary Smith about real men James Robert Kennedy (Radio) and Harold Jones.
See table. - actinium: a radioactive isotope of thorium produced in actinium decay, namely 227Th (half life = 19 d). [Soddy & ] - elements: For occurrences before 1913 ( i.e., before the concept of isotopy), radioisotopes is often a more appropriate modern term. [Soddy , , ] - lead: a radioactive isotope of lead produced in uranium decay, namely 210Pb (half life = 21 y). Also radium D. - tellurium: An isotope of polonium produced in uranium decay, namely 210Po (half life = 140 d). [Markwald] Also called radium F. - thorium: an isotope of thorium produced in thorium decay, namely 228Th (half-life = 1.9 y). [Hahn & Ramsay, Soddy & ].
Javascript Radio inherits properties, methods and event handlers from Input and HTMLElement. Only additional or over-ridden features are mentioned here. Properties To read the value to be submitted by a radio control: var value = document.formname.groupname[index].value;
a portal most magnificent, Each turn of the dial takes you somewhere different
A tuna-fish-salad sandwich on toast punning on "tuna down," which sounds like "turn it down," as one would the radio knob.
Telemetry - Placing a radio transmitter on an animal to track its movement.
an electronic system which allows a listener to hear programmes sent from a transmitter
Short for Radio Transmitter. See below.
an electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signals
a commodity that receives
a receiving device
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an eye-opener for anyone who thinks that the Bush "administration" deserves to ruin the country (and our 'standing' in the whole WORLD's eyes) for four more years
medium for communication
a connecting force in its service communities
an analogue device because it can be off, soft, medium, loud, very loud, or outrageous
a show about Technology and Pop Culture
a technology based Podcast that airs LIVE every Sunday from
a wireless device that allows workers on a train to communicate with each other or with the station.
a university station in New Brunswick
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(L. radius, ray). Pertaining to muscles associated with the radius of the forearm.
to do with scans and X-rays
a kind of brain, one with very short-term memory, and no autopoietic (self-organizing and self-maintaining) capacity
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a good choice
a good metaphor
a good way to stay in touch, as National Grid provides news media with timely information regarding service restoration efforts
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an alarm clock
a perfect example of a band pass filter
a perfect system for reducing the cost of distribution of these products
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The lowest defined layer on a BT system. See Specs page.
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a must, as I like to at least keep up with current trends now and again
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a must for all team play
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a great feature
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a private company