Definitions for "Sunday"
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The first day of the week, -- consecrated among Christians to rest from secular employments, and to religious worship; the Christian Sabbath; the Lord's Day.
Belonging to the Christian Sabbath.
The day prep football coaches spend with their families. Any man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man.
Sunday is a public affairs program on Australian television. Broadcast nationally on the Nine Network every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM and hosted by Ellen Fanning and Ross Greenwood with Laurie Oakes (political editor) and Stephanie Brantz (sport). Its unique 2-hour format offers viewers a mix that includes local and overseas news, politics, in-depth stories on issues affecting Australia and the world, plus film reviews, arts features and music.
Sunday is a current affairs programme broadcast on TV ONE in New Zealand at 7:30 Presented By Cameron Bennet with a team of NZ reporters. The show started when TV ONE did not renew its rights to 60 Minutes which had the same slot. The hour long show usually features 2 reports from NZ reporters and one report from ABC Dateline.
Sunday is a 1996 feature film directed and co-written by Jonathan Nossiter (along with Signs & Wonders collaborator James Lasdun) which won the 1997 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury prize for Best Film and Best Screenplay. It also won the Deauville Film Festival Grand Prize for Best Film and its International Critics' prize. It marked Nossiter's debut at Cannes in "Un Certain Regard" section (his 2004 Mondovino was in competition for the Palme d'Or) and was also included in The Museum of Modern Art's "New Directors, New Films" series.
The Freshman - S4 - Vampire who steals Buffy's things and makes it look like Buffy has left school.
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a real song by Hilary (and Haylie) Duff
Sunday is a computer virus, a member of the Jerusalem virus family. It was discovered in November 1989 after a number of simultaneous reports from Seattle, Washington, and surrounding areas. Because the Seattle area is an area with large high-tech businesses with lots of international business (especially to Asia), the Sunday virus could have very well originated from outside the area.
a busy time at Kennesaw United Methodist Church
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"Sunday" was the first and only single from Sonic Youth's 1998 album A Thousand Leaves.
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a little less intense