Definitions for "TECH"
a great academic school with a mediocre football program, and will NEVER beat UGA regularly
an EXCELLENT vet school, and I'm pretty sure they have an equestrian team
a wholly owned subsidiary of KCL West Holdings Inc
Short for technical rehearsal: a rehearsal specially held to get all technical effects (lighting, sound, stage) right.
Technical rehearsal. The rehearsal in the production venue where the technical aspects are rehearsed in the context of the show.
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interj. Common curse word equivalent to "damn" or "drek"
a valued customer of the AIIM DMware clearinghouse and is a respected, honored guest and contributor
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a series of white papers designed to make information about press performance and pressroom operations available to stamping professionals that are interested in achieving maximum productivity from their stamping operations
Term that refers to any person whose only job is to operate some type of equipment. i.e. x-ray, EEG, sonogram machine operators
a proud member of both the National and New England Pest Management Associations, and the North Shore and Newburyport Chambers of Commerce
a hotbed of wacko liberalism has some documentation to provide
nical Correction - An adjustment to price not based on market sentiment but technical factors such as volume and charting.
Technology (usually referring to Dianetics and Scientology processes used in going up the Bridge)
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a lot larger the UVA and has a lot more alumn in the area
a publically funded state university which has absolutely no business arbitrarily segregating classes by gender
a WINEGARD Company and is dedicated to mobile Internet antennae products sales and services
a rapidly growing specialty finance company primarily engaged in the financing of computer hardware, software, telecom, video and photography equipment
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a school teaching mechanical and industrial arts and the applied sciences
(Technology). The methods of application of an art or science as opposed to mere knowledge of the science or art itself.
Often very aggressive, associated genres sound very mechanical, like metal scraping on metal. Tech is often used to describe techno-influenced music that has too many organic qualities to be pure techno.
a unique antimicrobial moisture transport system developed to keep your feet cool and dry
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Losing yourself in love
a key instrument for continued monitoring of the region's seismicity
a leading provider of electronic point-of-sale services for the prepaid wireless, prepaid phone card and merchant services industry
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Slang term for a technical inspection.
a construct built of multiple parts serving different functions that will apply to the constructs programing