Definitions for "Contributor"
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The Dublin Core element used to designate the entity responsible for making contributions to the content of the resource. Examples of a Contributor include a person, an organization or a service. Typically, the name of a Contributor should be used to indicate the entity. See also section 4 of the Dublin Core Users Guide.
Each person or entity who created or contributed to the creation of, and distributed, a Modification. (See Section 2)
A contributor is able to perform work of use to a project or consolidation. The work performed include examples such as the creation or modification of code, the analysis of failures, the management of tools related to a project, the creation of architectural or specification documentation, and even the act of coordinating other contributor actions. The specific notion of a piece of work being contributory or not is left to the project or consolidation to decide. Projects concerned with communications, like an Advocacy Project, might consider an individual's active presence at a conference or other physical meeting as a contribution. The label of "Core Contributor" is associated with a Contributor who gives substantial direction to a project or consolidation. A Core Contributor would be expected to participate in all voting and dispute mechanisms.
In journalism, a patron of the waste-basket, who keeps the editors supplied with postage stamps which he thoughtfully encloses for the return of his rejected favors. Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce, The Enlarged Devil's Dictionary, s. v. Contributor
First and last names and middle initials of authors, illustrators, photographer, editor, or translator.
In this case a contributor provides the content of this website such as photos, illustrations, articles etc.
a user who submits material to GameFAQs
A state, U.S. territory, tribal government, or the District of Columbia, that submits data to the PedNSS or PNSS.
The EXPO CMS user that submits content for review and publication. Synonymous with 'submitter'.
one who writes articles for a newspaper, magazine, or book.
a writer whose work is published in a newspaper or magazine or as part of a book
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A person with a valid BU login who is granted contributing privileges in the FAQ system. Contributors can: Add questions Assign the added questions to topics in which they have contributor privileges
User who has the authority to add content to a WebDB site; that is, the Own, Manage Items, or Create With Approval privilege. Folder owners control which users can add items to a given folder. The site administrator can also allow public users to contribute news items to the site's home page, subject to approval by the news administrator.
Not everyone is able to add content to WISE. Whilst many areas of WISE are available "read only" to the public, you need to be a Contributor to add any form of content or participate in any form of online collaboration.
person who puts money into the RESP. Often the same person as the subscriber (i.e. the child's parent).
A person who has made contributions on the basis of earnings from employment or self-employment, or a person who received earnings as a result of credit splitting.
A person in whose name the insurance policy is held. A policy may have a number of persons covered. The four categories of contributor are: Single contributor: provides insurance for the contributor. A single contributor is counted as one SEU for statistical purposes. Family contributor: provides insurance for the contributor, one other adult, and one or more dependant children. Family contributors are counted as two SEUs. Couple contributor: provides insurance for the contributor and one other person who is not a dependant of the contributor. Couple contributors are counted as two SEUs. Single Parent contributor: provides insurance for the contributor and one or more dependant children. Single Parent contributors are counted as two SEUs. Health funds are not required to offer insurance in all categories.
Any candidate, individual, trust, partnership, committee, association, corporation, or any other organization or group of persons from which any cash, loan, or goods or services is received to support or oppose a candidate or proposition.
An individual, corporation, or trade union making a contribution to a candidate's election campaign.
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The contributing spouse in a Spousal RRSP account.
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, National Futures Association and any U.S. futures exchange which includes its disciplinary actions in NFA's BASIC system.
An actor in the Online Commons system. The contributor will have the ability to Create/Update/Delete documents, create and edit profiles, as well as review expired material.
a risk professional who contributed two or more years insurance policy data (including effective and expiration dates, premiums, limits, retentions and insurer names), for two or more coverage types (e
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A contributor is anyone who uploads a file to share on the Adobe Studio Exchange site. Anyone can upload files.
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someone who contributes (or promises to contribute) a sum of money
People who are allowed to write entries on a blog that is owned by someone else.
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an employee who contributes to the pension plan at any time during the calendar year
an individual who contributes to an Education Savings Account on behalf of a designated beneficiary
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One who, or that which, contributes;