Definitions for "Upload"
Keywords:  download, remote, send, ftp, bbs
The process of transferring files from your computer to another computer over a network connection.
Copying or sending data or documents from your computer to another computer, such as the server that hosts your home page. See also download.
To send a program from your computer to a BBS.
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laden, uploaden
a human mind that runs on freely programmable substrate - some type of superneurons improved over the current biological set
In a manufacturing system, the passing of plant-floor information, such as production results, upward through the CIM hierarchy.
a one step procedure whereby a page in the online/live domains ( & is modified to correspond with its equivalent page in the edit or development domain; a process of conforming live versions of a page with modified versions from the development domain
Moving documents from Webmaster's to Service Provider's machine.
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a seed human
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To place information onto the internet, usually through the use of an FTP program.
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What does upload / uploading mean