Definitions for "Rcp"
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Remote CoPy. A program to provide file transfer.
To copy files to or from another computer.
See: Remote copy program
Receivable Conversion Period. Time btween the sale of the final product on credit and cash rescipts for the accounts payable.
Recycled Content Product
Recycled-Content Products
Respiratory Care Practitioner. Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) is a licensed health care professional, who is specifically trained in cardiopulmonary assessment, diagnostics, therapy administration, and patient education, including the identification and treatment of sleep disorders.
See Respiratory Therapist. [Click Here To Return To List
RISK CONTROL PLAN. means a concisely written management plan developed by the retail or food service operator with input from the health inspector that describes a management system for controlling specific out-of-control risk factors.
Relative Control Point.
Routing Control Processor.
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Royal College of Psychiatrists
Reciprocal calculation procedure
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Ritholtz Capital Partners
Regulatory compliance program
Research Customization Program managed by the SRC
Records Center Program
"Replacement Cost Protection" - A term used for the increase in a mover's (Carrier's) liability when increased to the cost of replacement value of a damaged item. This does not mean that if an item is damaged you get a new one. However, if an item is damaged the mover's will spend up to the cost of replacement to repair the damaged item.
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Reinforced Concrete Pipe
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Random Close Packings
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Not receipted within 1 day
A class; it is an RCPValue object, wrapped in a read-only shell. This is form in which parameter sets are presented to users.
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Regional Collection Plan