Definitions for "SCP"
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Secure Copy - Sends files over SSH
scp is a utility which allows you to copy files from one computer to another. The key feature is that all communication between computers is encrypted. Click for more information.
A remote file copy utility. SCP only works when connecting to a machine that is running an OpenSSH-derived secure shell (SSH) service.
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Service Class Provider Supplier of a class of service
See Service Class Provider.
Service Class Provider. This is a DICOM term. A Service Class Provider acts as a server and provides a service to a client or user, where the client is a workstation or modality that requires information from the server. An example of this is an archiving device which acts as a service class provider (SCP) when receiving images from a modality (which acts as a servive class user (SCU)). See Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM), Server and Service Class User.
Supply Chain Planning. Forecasting changes in supply and demand planning production accordingly.
Strategic Commercial Plan
Self Correction Program. A special program a Plan Sponsor can use to self correct insignificant errors found in administering a retirement plan.
Ship Control Panel. The console where the ship's depth, course and speed are controlled. It resembles a 747 cockpit, with the helmsman on the left, sternplanesman on the right and diving officer behind and between them.
Signal Channel Processor
Spartina Control Program
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Sociedad Comercial del Plata
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ervice ontrol oint A node in an SS7 telephone network that provides an interface to databases, which may reside within the SCP computer or in other computers. The SCP may also be combined with the SS7 node that routes messages, called a "signal transfer point" (STP). TechWeb
A centralized node that contains service logic for the management of the call.
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Sealing cap plug, glass reinforced epoxy, stainless steel or aluminum, dummies off BCR, CCR, FCR
Semi-Crystalline Products
Small Character Printing. An abbreviation used for systems employed to print small characters on labels, packages, and products. Often refers to a continuous inkjet type system and is frequently employed to print "best used by" or product expiration dates.
Single Chip Package. A package that supports a single microelectronics device so that its electrical, mechanical, thermal and chemical performance needs are adequately served.
Singapore Cooperation Programme
Social Concerns Programme. Trade
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Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (WIPO)
Single-cell protein (food from microbial culture)
South Celestial Pole. A direction determined by the projection of the Earth's South Pole onto the celestial sphere. The SCP is exactly 180 degrees from the North Celestial Pole and corresponds to a declination of -90 degrees.
Script Configuration Program
Script (various)
Structure-conduct-performance - A conceptual model commonly used in Industrial Organization, relating market structure to market conduct and market performance.
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Special Content Page