Definitions for "SCCP"
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The Signaling Connection Control Part protocol provides connectionless and connection-oriented network services above MTP3 / MTP3-B, as used in the 3G Radio Network Controller, the 3G Serving GPRS Support Node and the 3G Mobile Switching Center.
Skinny Call Control Protocol. A VoIP protocol utilized by a CallManager server.
Signalling Connection Control Part
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The abbreviation for the Scientific Committee on Consumer Products, formerly the SCCNFP in the EU. The SCCP is the risk-assessment committee that was formed by the EU after the creation of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to advise on questions related to the safety and allergenic properties of cosmetic products.
APEC Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures
Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures The Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures (SCCP) is a sub-committee of the Committee of Trade and Investment. Originally, called the Customs Procedures Group of Customs Experts, SCCP was renamed in 1995. Its objective is to facilitate trade in the Asia-Pacific region by simplifying and harmonizing customs procedures.
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Swan Canning Clean-up Program. WA Government funded program that aims to reduce the occurrence of toxic algal blooms in the Swan and Canning Rivers.
Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines