Definitions for "GRE"
Graduate Record Examination. Multiple-choice examinations administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and taken by applicants who plan to attend certain graduate schools. Two generalized tests are offered, plus specialized tests in a variety of subject areas. Ordinarily, a student will take only the specialized test that applies to the intended field of study.
An exam (Graduate Record Exam) that many students must take if planning to pursue an advanced degree.
(see the Princeton Review GRE Web site)
Generic Routing Encapsulation. An optional form of tunneling that can be supported by home agents, foreign agents, and mobile nodes. GRE enables a packet of any network-layer protocol to be encapsulated within a delivery packet of any other (or the same) network-layer protocol.
eneric outing ncapsulation - RFC 2784. A protocol providing data encapsulation to allow tunneling.
Tunneling protocol developed by Cisco Systems that can encapsulate a wide variety of protocol packet types inside IP tunnels, creating a virtual point-to-point link to Cisco routers at remote points over an IP internetwork. By connecting multiprotocol subnetworks in a single-protocol backbone environment, IP tunneling using GRE allows network expansion across a single-protocol backbone environment.
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GRE pour Gestion de la R�ussite �ducative. Outil simple et convivial destin� aux �coles du Qu�bec pour la cr�ation et la gestion en ligne de leur "Plan de r�ussite", tel que d�fini par le Minist�re de l'�ducation du Qu�bec.
GRE (株式会社 ゼネラル リサ-チ オブ エレクトロニックス General Research of Electronics, Inc.) is a Japanese based multinational manufacturer of electronics equipment, but primarily in the field of radio and telecommunications. Their products include transceivers, scanners, antennas, GPS, satellite equipment, etc. They also produce OEM equipment for other companies, including Radio Shack and Commtel.
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Glass Reinforced Epoxy
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Modern Greek
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Graphics Engine
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See Gree, a step.
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See Gree, good will.