Definitions for "ALUMNI"
ALUMNI is a web interface to MySQL, adaptable to other DBs. Designed for high schools, school districts, colleges, reunion websites. Person can have multiple schools attached to acct. Features incl email, forums. Accepting requests for new features.
This project is deal with developing a web application for schools. This application tries to keeping touch with graduates and academic stuff; and with each other graduates.
Plural of alumnus; also refers to a group of men and women.
an organization of individuals with the purpose of supporting the FFA organization at the state and local levels
a strong part of the Granton FFA and Agriculture Education department at Granton
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n. Anyone who has passed any class at Georgia Tech(We're not kidding it only takes one class) Related Links: Alumni Association Home Page
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An individual who has been in the care of the CAS but due to age or personal request, is no longer under the official care of the Agency.