Definitions for "University College"
The University College Advising Center provides general academic advising for entering students until they are accepted into a major and also assists all students with general education requirements. See University College Advising.
a two-year unit to help students meet ASU admissions requirements. Students admitted into the University College program must get an advisor’s signature before each registration and follow specific guidelines until they successfully exit the program including being limited to a maximum of 12 hours/term with classes numbered less than 3000. To exit University College, a student must have an Overall GPA of 2.0 or better and complete ASUO1000, Core Area A, 30 hours of Areas A-E, and any CPC and/or Learning Support requirements.
University College, Duluth.
A private educational institution that is approved by the Provincial Government to offer Bachelor level university degrees.
In BC, a post-secondary institution that offers certificates, diplomas, and degree programs.
a publicly designated, independent, self-governing body that can award its own taught degrees