Definitions for "FFA"
is an abbreviation for Free For All sites that contain large lists of unrelated links to anyone and everyone, however the links they provide are basically useless. Humans do not use them and search engines have adjusted their algorithms to minimize any effect on a sites ranking.
This abbreviation stands for Free For All. Most of FFA sites post large unrelated links to anyone and everyone, links that are mostly useless. With little relevance to users, search engines minimize their importance in ranking formulas.
Free-for-all. Referring to non-Team Deathmatches and Gladiator Matches where it's everyone for themselves.
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Forward Freight Agreement. A financial instrument used as a hedging tool to manage volatility in freight rates. It is a contract between two parties involving an agreed future price for transporting cargo by sea. No real cargo or ships are involved. Synonym: Freight Derivative.
Federal Facility Agreement. An agreement entered into by the Air Force and the EPA for Air Force installations that are listed on the National Priorities List. A Federal Facility Agreement establishes requirements and schedules for environmental cleanup at the subject installation.
Freight Futures Agreement - Agreement where a future freight voyage is agreed upon and paid for today.
Federació n de Fú tbol de Australia
Football Federation Australia
"It's definitely not your father's FFA" is a recurring theme for the largest Career and Technology student organization in South Carolina. Over 4500 students take advantage of contests that test skills ranging from Equine Science to Floriculture. Students can seek leadership positions in the FFA well into their post-secondary years and often do so at Clemson University.
Foster Family Agency – This is the category Future Families falls under. We have been licensed by California Community Care Licensing to certify resource families.
Foster Family Agency. A private agency which certifies and supervises foster homes.
South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency
Field Force Automation. Information technology solutions that help companies improve communication with employees in the field. Wireless FFA solutions increase productivity by enabling mobile employees to remotely access centralized databases, finalize service calls, update time/expense reports and schedule appointments.
Field Force Automation. Refers to information technology solutions designed to help companies improve communication with employees in the field and yield increased productivity. FFA solutions typically comprise integrated software, hardware and networking components. Today, the utilities and insurance sector provide examples of industries that are successfully deploying field force automation solutions to better manage remote employees.
Field Force Automation - CRM term for delivering tools and content to field based sales and service staff.
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