Definitions for "service contract"
A contract offered by a retailer for maintaining and repairing a product beyond its manufacturers warranty coverage.
Contract for a Contractor time and effort rather than for a specific end product. [D03689] RMW
FAR 37.101 defines service contract as "a contract that directly engages the time and effort of a contractor whose primary purpose is to perform an identifiable task."
An agreement between a transnational corporation and a domestic company or subsidiary where the former provides the latter with assistance such as technical services procurement services and proprietary technology.
an agreement between a municipality and a service provider to provide a particular aspect of a municipal service on a short-term basis (only one or two years)
an agreement between a shipper and carrier in which the shipper commits a specified volume of cargo over a fixed period of time in exchange for carrier rate concessions and specific service obligations
a description of itself that a service publishes (somehow) - it is used by those that wish to call the service to determine what they can expect from it
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a promise to
a guarantee that your machines are in good working conditions and the way to optimal production economy
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a good way to ensure support and service over time
a pre-paid time bank that is deducted when used
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an insurance policy, therefore, you should think about it the same way you would any other insurance policy