Definitions for "restrictive covenant"
A clause in a contract that requires one party to do, or refrain from doing,...
A clause of limitation in a deed providing that land will be used (or not used) in a certain way. For example, a deed may provide that land may be used "for single family residential purposes only"; the grantee, by accepting the deed, is deemed to "covenant" or "promise" that the land will be used only in a certain way and this covenant "runs with the land," binding not only the person making it, but subsequent owners of the land as well.
An agreement by the owner of land (the servient land) not to do something, like build on the land. If such a covenant is made with the owner of land nearby, it may be enforceable against subsequent owners of the servient land. An undertaking in an employment agreement that the employee will not do certain things, like work for a competitor, after the employment ends. If they are to be enforceable, such covenants must be limited in scope to what is fair. If the covenant would effectively prevent the employee from earning a living or is wider than necessary to protect the employer, it will probably be unenforceable.
a contract among owners which allows them to guarantee that property will be used in a certain way
an express term in the contract which seeks to prevent the employee from carrying out a particular activity, usually in competition with the employer
a term in an employment contract which prohibits the employee, upon leaving, from working for another employer or in a particular area
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Retail Repos
a contractual provision between a physician and his or her employer which prevents the physician from practicing in a specified geographic area for a given period of time if the physician's employment terminates
a private, contractual obligation
an interest in property requiring just compensation for its taking by eminent domain
Restrictions imposed on a property effectively being things you are not allowed to do, eg, not alter the appearance of the property or build in the garden.
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See "restriction".