Definitions for "Restriction"
The act of restricting, or state of being restricted; confinement within limits or bounds.
That which restricts; limitation; restraint; as, restrictions on trade.
See Restrictive Covenants.
A semantic change in which the meaning of a morpheme moves from general to more specific, from a broad meaning to a narrower application. In English, the word meat used to mean "food" but has since changed to mean a particular type of food; narrowing
A buffer's restriction is the amount of text, at the beginning or the end of the buffer, that is temporarily inaccessible. Giving a buffer a nonzero amount of restriction is called narrowing (q.v.). Section 31.22. RET RET is a character that in Emacs runs the command to insert a newline into the text. It is also used to terminate most arguments read in the minibuffer (q.v.). Return.
A buffer's restriction is the amount of text, at the beginning or the end of the buffer, that is temporarily inaccessible. Giving a buffer a nonzero amount of restriction is called narrowing (q.v.); removing a restriction is called widening (q.v.). See section AC.22 Narrowing. RET
This is the feeling of being able to eat only small amounts of food. Some Bandsters talk of 'passive' restriction when their band is empty, wherein they are able to feel full on less food but where they feel no pain if they overeat. As the band is filled, the tighter the restriction should feel. Many Bandsters report that it takes 2-4 fills before feeling restricted enough to lose weight at an appropriate rate.
a course restricted to students in specific class levels and majors or to those students who obtain approval from the instructor/department.
A restriction is placed on the record of a student who owes the college money, has been placed on social or academic probation, or has other obligations. In general the restriction will prevent the student from transacting any business at the college.
This is the form of Academic Status which states that a student will be limited to 8 credits and/or credit equivalents or 2 courses, whichever is fewer. For more information on Academic Restriction, visit our Academic Status Page or read the appropriate part of the College catalog by clicking here.
The restriction of rights to use an image. This might be for specific regions, industries, clients or media to name a few.
A form of energy curtailment; BPA's exercise of a contractual rights to interrupt power deliveries to Direct Service Industrial customers.
The cleavage of double-stranded DNA by an endonuclease (restriction enzyme). The restriction enzyme distinguishes between self and foreign DNA based upon the modification of its DNA-binding site (for example, by methylation).
an "undue burden" when it has the purpose or effect of placing a substantial obstacle in the path of a woman seeking an abortion
From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ( 2004-02-10) usually a piece of a class expression, a statement that expresses a constraint, local by default
In mathematics, the notion of restriction finds a general definition in the context of sheaves.
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A measure of the resistance to flow for (usually) a liquid or gas. Exhaust or intake flow restriction can occur within tubing bends, within ports, manifolds, etc. Liquid restriction can occur in needle-and-seat assemblies, fuel pumps, oil filters, etc. Some restriction is always present in a flowing medium.
an entry in the register regulating the circumstances in which a disposition of a registered estate or charge may be the subject of an entry in the register
a proper form of entry to ensure that this occurs
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an effect that says a creature can't block (or attack) or it can't block (or attack) unless some condition is met
A requirement by an examiner that an applicant choose which of multiple claimed, distinct inventions disclosed in a patent application that he wishes to be examined.
an impairment to normal physiological motion
the act of keeping something within specified bounds (by force if necessary)
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a set of terms that can be combined by various operators