Definitions for "Industries"
a dark future roleplaying game originally created by Nightfall Games before its assimilation and subsequent resale back to Nightfall by Wizards of the Coast
an eternal power whose rule over Progress is complete
an organisation interested in exploring the future of informatics, knowledge and science throughout the world
a leading Import/Export house and having its based office in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
a SSI Unit - first of its kind in the state of Haryana, India
a state-of-the-art organization based in India (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh) having worldwide operations in the supply of high quality granite tiles with major focus in U
a company that is leading the nation in cost effective Noise Control, Sound Enclosures and Air Filtration Systems
a company that manufacturers global hydraulics which is the parent company of KYB
a custom manufacturer
Keywords:  talc, graphite, mica, asbestos, gypsum
Examples are asbestos, gypsum, salt, graphite, mica, gravel, building stone and talc.
A Career Kokua file of information describing local industries, the services and products provided by the industries, employment, outlook, and employers.
a viable alternative for some who prefer a specialized employment setting
a full service wholesale distributor of pressure washers, pressure parts and accessories, Pest Control and Agricultural sprayer parts
a very dark rpg put together by a bunch of Brits
Stocks share similar business backgrounds tend to move together.
a subsidiary of Sekisui Chemical Company of Japan and is the largest producer of emulsion acrylic tape products in North America
Producers of a particular range of goods or services in which case they are often named after the principal product, eg, electronics industry, shipping industry, banking industry, etc.
a world-wide producer of hydralic manifolds
a leader in CGI effects for the motion picture industry
a variable, each fulfilling his or her own uses in Slayer's Big Picture
Keywords:  boiler, plugs, tools, tube, heat
a source for tube plugs, heat exchangers, and boiler tools