Definitions for "Recycling"
the series of activities in which discarded materials are collected, sorted, processed and converted into new materials for use in the production of new products.
The collection, reprocessing, marketing and use of materials that were diverted or recovered from the solid waste stream.
Reusing materials and objects in original or changed forms rather than discarding them as wastes.
A technique in which the column effluent is recirculated onto the head of the column in an attempt to gain the advantage of an extended column length. It can be carried out on a single column by passing the effluent back through the pump. An alternative technique uses two columns connected by a switching valve. This technique is very seldom used in HPLC, and only in size-exclusion chromatography.
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In finance, this refers to the transfer of funds from units with a financial surplus to those with a deficit. When this transfer occurs through financial intermediaries, it is referred to as intermediation. Français: Recyclage Español: Reciclaje
the return of water which cannot enter the supply system, for example the initial filtrate after backwashing, to the treatment plant inlet.
a process by which Stones that were bid in an Auction are returned to their Officers.
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(as in recycling of nutrients at leaf abscission time)
v. Environmentally friendly act of killing someone and taking the corpse to a body bank.
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using a substance or parts of a substance more than once
Taking an item that has already been used once, and using it to make either that same item again, or another item.
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