Definitions for "Effluent"
Flowing out; as, effluent beams.
A stream that flows out of another stream or lake.
A stream flowing out of a larger body.
Stream of fluid at the outlet of a filter or filter separator. Opposite of affluent or influent.
The fluid exiting a system, process, tank, etc. An effluent from one process can be an influent to another process. See influent.
asava stream-entry - sotapatti
general designation of any fluid produced by a pollution source, whether from populated areas or industrial facilities.
The treated substance that emerges from the filtration system.
The fluid leaving a component.
Keywords:  silage, heap, manure, cattle, clamp
Drainage from a cattle yard, manure heap or silage clamp.
Keywords:  emerging, column, solution, bottom
the solution emerging from the bottom of a column.