Definitions for "Headworks"
(1) The initial structures and devices of a water or wastewater treatment plant. (2) All the structures and devices located at the head or diversion point of a conduit or canal. The term as used is practically synonymous with diversion works; an intake heading.
The headworks receives wastewater from a catchment and provides preliminary treatment.
With respect to a treatment facility, the initial component into which the influent wastewater flows.
A flow control structure on an irrigation canal.
The structures built to divert water from a river for irrigation. Most of the headworks in Alberta, such as those on the Bona River at Bassano and on the Highwood River at High River. are operated by the provincial government.
Infrastructure at the water source, where water enters the distribution system.
The facility at the "head" of the water source where water is first treated and routed into the distribution system.