Definitions for "infrastructure"
The basic physical systems of a countrys or communitys population, including...
A term generally applicable to all fixed and permanent installations, fabrications or facilities for the support and control of military forces.
The wired Ethernet network.
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The common or linking elements that authenticate end users and connect them to various applications. The campus infrastructure includes Network 21, domain name servers, email servers, world wide web servers, modem banks, etc.
A type of wireless network setup. An infrastructure setup requires you to own a base station with which all your wireless devices communicate, in order to pass that data to other devices.
The network hardware and services needed to provide connectivity between node s. Typically, this involves some combination of Local Area Network s, uplinks, leased lines, Wide Area Network service, Internet connectivity, hubs, routers, switches, wiring, and so on. See also path.
The physical hardware used to interconnect computers and users. Infrastructure includes the transmission media, including telephone lines, cable television lines, and satellites and antennas, and also the routers, aggregators, repeaters, and other devices that control transmission paths. Infrastructure also includes the software used to send, receive, and manage the signals that are transmitted.
The hardware, software, databases, telecommunications and any other tools that work together to deliver what is professed on the Net. Who says beauty is skin-deep
The suitability of hardware, network, systems software and DBMS for the application concerned and the degree to which the elements of this infrastructure interrelate.
A company's web infrastructure includes everything that supports the flow and processing of information.
means all the things and systems that are not directly involved in providing a service, but which have to be there for services to operate efficiently or consistently, like management and administration, or communications and distribution networks. In the voluntary sector, the word is often used to describe organisations like local development agencies and umbrella groups which help other voluntary organisations work better by providing them with things like information, advice, training, co-ordination, representation.
The matrix of operating systems, software, support, security measures and devices used by the enterprise.
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a small player and is likely to face stiff competition from established players in the BOT field
BOT Built Operate transfer NHAI National Highways Authority of India
A network of interconnected computers and communications systems. Essential elements include wiring, fiber optics, radio, video and/or cellular broadcast signals.
a vague term sometimes used to indicate those physical devices (such as computers and network wiring) and possibly software without which the PeopleSoft system cannot operate
an outstanding solution for value-conscious computer users who need a system that can continue to meet their expectations as their needs grow
the underlying structure that allows information to be transferred via telecommunications (p. 88)
"Infrastructure" is one of those words designed to make a simple concept complicated. It means "how things are put together inside" or if you really want to get fancy, "how internal components relate to one another." (The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone. That's infrastructure for you.) In the context of telecommunications, "infrastructure" has a specific meaning excluding external connections. A network has an infrastructure and it has interconnections to other networks. So how it is connected to the Internet, for example, is not part of its infrastructure.
The underlying mechanism or framework of a system. In e-learning, the infrastructure includes the means by which voice, video, and data can be transferred from one site to another and be processed.
It means "mental infrastructure" and shows a complex and articulated operating structure which coordinates, synthetizes or completes the activities of the organizations. The term is attributed to the memory and the conscience. The infrastructures, resulting of the partitive proceeding, also they (like the organizations) have origin from a arbitrary partition of the mind to the only analytical targets of investigation and research. The infrastructures are actually coordinates functions and coordinating and not isolable elements of the mind.
The process of maintaining a database, including de-duplication, merge/purge, cleaning, nightly backup and updating. Also see De-Dupe.
All the components necessary to conduct an evaluation (e.g., experienced staff, adequate funding).
The OracleAS components responsible for identity management. These components are OracleAS Single Sign-On, Oracle Delegated Administration Services, and Oracle Internet Directory.
The fabric of human improvements to natural settings that permits a community, neighborhood, town, city metropolis, region, state, etc., to function.6
(sometimes called e-frastructure) the 21st century's infrastructure is the equipment that powers the Web from phone lines to data centers and servers.
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Basketball infrastructure involves Ball and poll Net.
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Intranet TCP/IP ISDN
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a gem of a share
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That portion of the implant which lies below the soft tissue.
a technology that we can take for granted when performing our activities
A means of transporting goods and information.
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See also Infrastructure asset.
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