Definitions for "Signaling"
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The transmission of information about a line's on-hook or off-hook status and various related signals including those that deliver address information.
the exchange of information for call setup and control. Sends information on the phone network regarding phone numbers, busy status, call interruptions, hangups, etc. The grating tones that a touch tone phone makes are part of signalling - they are interpreted by the local phone company as a phone number.
The transmission of address and other switching information between end users and central offices, and between central offices.
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In MQSeries for OS/390 and MQSeries for Windows 2.1, a feature that allows the operating system to notify a program when an expected message arrives on a queue.
The process by which an end system notifies a network that it wants service.
Communications between switches to set up and terminate calls.
any communication that encodes a message; "signals from the boat suddenly stopped"
Signaling is a form of collusion in which two partners secretly communicate to each other to gain an advantage over their opponents in a poker game.
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this is a special system which is used by players ho play together in order to take the money and to split them.
A system used by colluding players to let each other know what they hold.