Definitions for "ISL"
Intersatellite link
Inter-Switch Link A Cisco interconnect protocol used between switch es.
ISDN Signalling Link. A hybrid of CAS and CCS; basic signalling (such as "off-hook") is transmitted in-band (CAS style), and enhanced information (such as caller ID) is transmitted out-of-band (CCS style). See also Channel Associated Signalling (CAS), Common Channel Signalling (CCS).
In Situ Leach mining.
A process that involves pumping a solution down an injection well where it flows through the deposit, dissolving uranium. The uranium-bearing solution is pumped to surface where the uranium is recovered from the solution.
In situ leaching. The recovery by chemical leaching of minerals from porous orebodies without physical excavation. Also known as solution mining.
Integrated Schottky Logic
Integrated Shottky Logic, a type of Bipolar Logic.
Industrial Slaughterhouse
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The Sign Language used in Eire, i.e Southern Ireland.
Interface Script Language. This allows a programmer to customize the way the POS operates.
Intersystem Loan; a service provided by the library which gets materials from other libraries in the UH System
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Interactive Services Ltd
On partly installed systems, the /isl directory contains results from the installation interview and log files from the installation.
Information Systems Laboratory