Definitions for "MATERIALS"
General term covering packing materials.
Various items with which your belongings are packed for safe transit e.g., cartons, crates, bubble wrap and removal blankets. Return to the top
Various items with which belongings are packed for safe transit e.g., cartons, crates, bubble wrap and removal blankets. National Move: Move within same country, usually long distance. Order for Service: The document authorizing the carrier to transport the household goods.
Resources used in the creation of the visual arts (for example, paint, clay, paper, canvas, film, videotape, watercolors, wood, and plastics).
any physical substances used to make art works, including media (e.g., wax, crayons, oil paint, modelling clay) and found objects (e.g., leaves, shells, wire)
Resources used in the creations and study of visual art, such as paint, clay, cardboard, canvas, film. videotape, models, watercolors, wood, and plastic.
are physical goods (and their cost) used in the manufacture of a product, often separated into DIRECT MATERIAL (that which goes directly into the product such as cream into ice cream, or steel into cars) and INDIRECT MATERIAL (that which is used in maintaining the manufacturing environment such as cleaning fluids or oil for lubrication of manufacturing equipment). Indirect materials are usually part of the overhead component of cost. The term material, when used without the direct or indirect qualifier, usually refers to direct materials.
The physical inputs to manufacturing, treated as part of cost of sales. Also known as raw materials.
All material of any kind, nature and class as may be specified which becomes part of or is used in the performance of the work together with all manufactured or prepared materials, articles, accessories, appurtenances and parts used therein or placed thereon.
a company that produce CD-ROMs with thousands of color images that parents can print cheaply as flash cards to teach speech, language and communication to kids with learning disabilities such as Autism/PDD etc
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Effective, sequencial teaching materials based on folk music
Items for use as components or inputs.
All parameters defining the quality of the aquifer including sorption, transfer rate or inflow. The input of data is done via the flow materials and mass/heat transport materials menus.
The term “Materials” shall mean third-party Technology and Audiovisual Components used by Web4minds for support and maintenance of the Customer Web Site.
Property, which may be incorporated into or attached to an end item. Includes raw or processed material, parts, components, assemblies, small tools and supplies.
Items sold by your business for profit, such as auto parts.
Consumable and non-consumable items used to produce deliverables, such as equipment, tools, machinery and supplies.
The material applied to an object determines how it appear and reacts to light in the 3D environment.
By absorbing sound energy at different frequencies, the material of which an object is made effects the way the sound reflects off and transmits through the object. A carpeted room sounds very different from a glass room. An object's material characteristics can be measured empirically by recording known sounds as they bounce off materials.
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relating to or consisting of matter
the matter from which things are made e.g. wood, metal, plastic, fabric, food
quality of integrity applying to the physical elements that were combined or deposited in a particular pattern or configuration to form a historic property.