Definitions for "MRP"
MATERIAL REQUISITION PLANNING. entire purpose is to plan for materials that are required for a particular purpose. An MRP is usually automated using transaction codes. MRP can be done for a single material item or a multilevel plan can be run for a material within a plant. MRP creates purchase requisitions, purchase orders, or planned orders for the material. This is done on the basis of the settings selected in the transactions. To take an example, a particular material item may be procured externally, in such a case, an MRP run creates requirements for that material through the respective plant from a sales document.
See Management Resource Planning.
Multi-drug resistance protein
A product designed to replace or add to meals. A meal replacement will provide quality protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. See The Meal Replacement Progen Website
Multi-state Research Project, a coordinated research project between two or more experiment stations that is partially supported by a designated portion of Hatch Funds call Multi-state Research Funds
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motor relearning program. A specific approach to treating motor impairment after CVA developed by Janet Carr and Roberta Shepherd.
motorized rifle platoon (Threat)
Most Recent Printing. The most recently printed version of a card overrides all earlier versions. This term sometimes creeps in from other CCGs (like Legend of the Five Rings) and it's mentioned in the Year of the Dragon rulebook for that reason, but it's not generally used in Shadowfist. The Shadowfist term for this is simply errata, and is indicated with a small circled number on right side of the card.
Master Rating Points or MRPs are points earned during tournament play at sanctioned American Cribbage Congress events. They can be earned in a Qualifying Round or in the Playoffs for the top positions. Lifetime award levels are Master(2,000 points), Grand Master(4,000), Life Master(6,000), Life Master One Star(10,000), Life Master Two Stars(15,000), etc.
This is usually estimated at the beginning of an agreement and represents the value of the vehicle at the contract end. Manufactures Recommended Price Residual Value.
Mechanical Repair Protection is a vehicle service contract and maintenance contract for buyers of non-GM vehicles sold by non-GM dealers with a GM affiliation dealership.
Manufacturers Recommended Price Residual Value The value of the vehicle at the end of the agreement, normally estimated at the beginning of any agreement.
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Materiel Returns Program
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managed recovery process. The process that applies archived redo log information to the standby database.
See managed recovery process (MRP)
Movement of Republican Peculiarism, a political party.
Maturity Risk Premium. A premium which reflects interest rate risk.
MINIMUM REQUIRED PREMIUM. The minimum amount you need to pay each year during the required premium period specified in your policy. The MRP must be received by the Company by the policy anniversary each year. If it is not, the policy will enter a grace period. With certain limitations, you may pay future years' MRPs in advance of the due dates.
Mortgage Repayment Protection. Mortgage Repayment Protection. This is insurance you take through the lender when you take out the loan.
Mortgage Repayment Protection . [] This is insurance you take through the lender when you take out the loan. This will pay an agreed monthly payment if you cannot work because of an accident, sickness or unemployment. This amount should cover your mortgage repayments.
Mutual Recognition Procedure
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Maximum Retail Price
Security Service Manual of Recording Policy