Definitions for "Mutual"
A commercial organisation owned by its members (savers and borrowers), as opposed to being owned by shareholders.
a majority shareholder of the CUMIS Group, which has an ongoing relationship with HomeBank in Canada
an enterprise owned by its members, providing a variety of services to the members for their benefit
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common to or shared by two or more parties; "a common friend"; "the mutual interests of management and labor"
a companion to the MEMBERS Financial Services available at GSCU
A weekly youth activities evening, held on a ward (congregation) basis for teenage Church member and their friends.
Reciprocally acting or related; reciprocally receiving and giving; reciprocally given and received; reciprocal; interchanged; as, a mutual love, advantage, assistance, aversion, etc.
Possessed, experienced, or done by two or more persons or things at the same time; common; joint; as, mutual happiness; a mutual effort.
(MU tu al) adj: having the same relationship to each other; reciprocal The joint operation built mutual trust among the participating nations.
an approach to nuclear deterrence that focuses on the availability of the USA to launch a nuclear attack even after a Soviet first strike. Since mutual destruction is assured, the belief is that a first strike would be deterred.
a trusted, financially strong partner that is exclusively focused on helping credit unions achieve their business goals
a risk retention group and, therefore, is not rated by A
help group - Specifically, a group in which participants support each other in recovering or maintaining recovery from alcohol dependence or problems, or from the effects of another's dependence, without professional therapy or guidance.
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a truly unique Insurance Company
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When two opposing players shoot each other in short enough of a time interval that the referee cannot determine who was shot first, both players are pulled.
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a solid plan for your future
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Relating to two or more involved parties.