Definitions for "Alcohol"
The fluid essence or pure spirit obtained by distillation.
Pure spirit of wine; pure or highly rectified spirit (called also ethyl alcohol or ethanol, CH3.CH2.OH); the spirituous or intoxicating element of fermented or distilled liquors, or more loosely a liquid containing it in considerable quantity. It is extracted by simple distillation from various vegetable juices and infusions of a saccharine nature, which have undergone vinous fermentation.
A class of compounds analogous to vinic alcohol in constitution. Chemically speaking, they are hydroxides of certain organic radicals; as, the radical ethyl forms common or ethyl alcohol (C2H5.OH); methyl forms methyl alcohol (CH3.OH) or wood spirit; amyl forms amyl alcohol (C5H11.OH) or fusel oil, etc.
A class of generally colorless, flammable and/or combustible liquids. Uses include solvent, fuel, cleaning fluids, detergents, and antifreeze. Hazard: Restricted function/ damage to central nervous system and liver, vision impairment, flammable.
a chemistry term for the "reactive" chemical group on an organic molecule
an organic molecule containing an -O-H group
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booze, brew, suds, vino, plonk, spirits, grog, hooch, moonshine
a liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent
The most commonly used drug in the United States -- legal for adults over the age of 21.
The most commonly used drug in the United States is legal for adults older than 21.
an addictive drug
is a major ingredient in mouthwash. The National Cancer Institute of America has found that mouthwashes with an alcohol content of 25% or higher have been implicated in mouth, tongue and throat cancers.
A useful adjunct to relaxation but unfortunately it also relaxes the throat muscles and provokes snoring and obstructive apnoeas.
De-Natured Alcohol used for cleaning-up latex Paint and for thinning and cleaning-up Pigmented Shellac Stain Sealer, plain Rubbing Alcohol works too
(rubbing alcohol) - Alcohol does not sterilize and is inappropriate for piercings. It merely moves the germs around; it does not kill them. Good for cuts and scrapes, but not appropriate for piercing aftercare.
Adds mass and preserves liquid ingredients.
Liquids added to the fountain solution of a printing press to reduce the surface tension of water.
Over 90% of this liquid contains ehtyl alcohol. Primarily used to clean, disinfect and destroy bacteria, alcohol is notorious for causing dryness and irritation to freshly shaven heads.
a campaign Awareness
As happens with illegal narcotic drugs, it is possible in the case of alcohol to imagine a process that, based on the personal condition of individuals, helps them to shift from a massive use of substances to a more moderate use, and hence to reduce the respective harmful effects produced. Harm reduction interventions do not therefore focus on the profound reasons and causes behind alcohol dependence, but aim to achieve three closely related objectives: identification of the risks and organization of related information and awareness activities; implementation of environmental and social conditioning and control interventions; reduction of the harm already produced. Another objective of alcohol-related harm reduction strategies is to carry out primary prevention that favors informed choices and the adoption of healthy lifestyles, by proving that alcohol is a psychoactive substance.
The poisonous chemical found in beer plant nectar. When consumed with caution, it can induce pleasurable effects. If consumed excessively it can be very harmful, even fatal.
See a list of halal substitutes for alcohol used in recipes.
an alkane with an -OH group substituted for a hydrogen
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An impalpable powder.
If you take it in moderation as a drink, it indicates success; but if taken in excess beware of getting into a spot where you might have to make an embarrassing apology.
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When used on the skin, alcohol can be a cooling and soothing skin treatment that helps to remove dirt and oil.
Drying agent for Brush-On products and a cooling agent for mouth rinses
A slang word meaning, "I'll call". The slang term alcohol originated because of the similarities in the pronunciation sounds of "alcohol" and "I'll call".
used to dissolve oil, but also as a moisturizer depending on type, e.g. cetearyl alcohol
Alcohol is used in the process of making perfume. It's job is to carry the perfume extracts, and release them when the perfume is dispensed.
Used in the cosmetics industry as an antiseptic, but can be used as a carrier with essential oils
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noun रक्सी general, household
The term given to describe the event of a player announcing that s/he will make the minimum bet necessary to continue in the hand.
is rarely appropriate for body modification
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a way of life