Definitions for "Sounds"
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a true music fan who is knowledgeable about all kinds of music from underground hip hop to eighties electronic music
Sounds was a British music magazine, published weekly from October 10, 1970 – April 6, 1991. It was well known initially for giving away posters in the centre of the paper (initially black and white, but colour from late 1971) and later for covering Heavy Metal (especially the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM)) and Oi! music in its late 1970s-early 1980s heyday. Sounds was the first and best music paper in its coverage of punk and in the late eighties was maintaining its reputation for getting there first when John Robb covered Manchester and Nirvana before anyone else.
Sonic effects are sometimes reported from bright fireballs minutes after the visual sighting. However, some observers sometimes report sounds from more ordinary meteors simultaneous with the appearance of the meteor. Descriptions include swishing sounds, cracks, hissing. Although some observers believe the sounds to be genuine, possibly involving some (unspecified!) part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the prevailing view is that the sounds reported are purely psychological - an analogy with fireworks.
Sounds - an MP3 Jukebox for thin clients. A jukebox designed to be useable by simple browsers such as may be used with TV sets. All that is asked is that the browser can render HTML, handle cookies and process M3U playlists.
Generic term that in this term describes the auditory effects produced by instruments.
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a start up car audio accessories store