Definitions for "Minimum"
The least quantity assignable, admissible, or possible, in a given case; hence, a thing of small consequence; -- opposed to maximum.
The lowest rate of base pay an organization pays for jobs within a grade or pay band.
The least possible quantity or degree, as in lowest temperature reached.
(pl. minima). A feasible point at which the infimum is achieved. (See Weierstrass' Theorem.) An e-minimum is within e of being a minimum: f(x) = f* + e, where f* is the infimum and e 0.
The premium that the insurance company will be entitled to receive no matter what portion of the policy period has passed. A 25 percent minimum earned premium is common.
Premium: (Prime minimale) In some lines of insurance, the premiums are so small that to continue the actual rate downward in relation to the actual amount of insurance, would somewhere produce a situation in which the cost of doing business would be disproportionate to the actual risk involved. To discourage the costly processing of the extremely small payments such business is usually subject to a "minimum premium". It is also used in circumstances when cover is given for a short period of time.
a county or city facility for the incarceration of sentenced and unsentenced persons. Also known as type III or IV facility (Section 1006 California Code of Regulations).
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a good helmet, gloves, goggles, and boots
The maximum value of the posterior probability distribution for the parameter of interest.
Supervision level for low risk/low need offenders. Can be a beginning level or usually as a step down from Maximum. One personal contact every 60 days.
the point on a curve where the tangent changes from negative on the left to positive on the right
a certain dollar amount or number of products that must be purchased initially before a wholesale order will be taken
(1) Minimum billing applied to list rentals involving a small number of names; (2) minimum billing for given mailing and/or computerized sources.
This is the minimum you have to pay back to the credit card company in a given month. It is usual 2% or 3% of the balance. If you are only paying the minimum payment per month then you will paying more interest as a result. Check out violent calculator to see the difference.
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a relatively weak holding for the previous calls made.