Definitions for "population"
A group of individuals or items that share one or more characteristics from which data can be gathered and analyzed.
The act or process of populating; multiplication of inhabitants.
The whole number of people, or inhabitants, in a country, or portion of a country; as, a population of ten millions.
493,782 (2000 census)
Combination of U.S. Census Bureau estimates and the Federal Highway Administration's Highway Performance Monitoring System.
Any data series] -- annual city population estimates prepared by the Metropolitan Council and the state demographer, except that 2000 population counts are from the 2000 Federal Census. Due to reporting lags, estimates of population are used for the following year's report. For example, the 2005 property tax report uses 2004 population estimates.
a collection of data that describe some phenomenon
a collection of units , which could be people, things, places, times, temperatures, etc
The entirety of subjects ie it is any entire collection (eg of people or things) from which we might collect data and that we wish to describe or draw conclusions about.
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The estimated population of an area as of July 1 of the event year. Formula: Percentage of N.C. population residing in area
In this EIS, a collection of members of the public who are located outside the boundaries of the SRS. Impacts in this EIS are estimated for the population within a given area, depending on the appropriate environmental pathways. For example, the affected population for liquid releases to the Savannah River includes downstream residents.
The estimated population on July 1 of each calendar year, as prepared by the Colorado Division of Local Government Demographic Section.
in statistics, the set of people, animals, or things being studied
The totality of cases that conforms to some designated specifications.
In statistics, the total number of cases about which a specific statement can be made.
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a taxon, so is a " phylum ", etc
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See genepool
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A population is every person in a category of interest. (from the BRFSS site
Synonymous with the term stock.
For CAMP purposes, population is synonymous with production.
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a Packet Stream, or a subset of a Packet Stream
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a quantity, not a being
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Complete set of events in which you are interested.
a set of k means systems, though represented by grid
a set of points in the design space
Commonly used as a measure of the potential market for a cellular or PCS provider.
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See Data Loading and Data Replication.
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a suite of possible solutions to your problem
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see "city population"
a body of persons having qualities or characteristics in common.
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(see stock)
467,294 (2002)