Definitions for "Tours"
a dive, adventure and leisure travel wholesaler with the knowledge and expertise to assure that you will have a safe, exciting and unforgettable vacation experience
a highly successful, independent travel agency in the village of Petra on the north coast of Lesvos in the sunny North Aegean
a highly successful independent Travel Agent established in Petra a well known Greek Village, on the island of Lesvos
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Tours is a city in France, the préfecture (capital city) of the Indre-et-Loire département, on the lower reaches of the river Loire, between Orléans and the Atlantic coast. Touraine, the region around Tours, is known for its wines, the perfection of its local spoken French, and for the famous Battle of Tours in 732. It is also the site of the cycling race Paris-Tours.
A programmable feature of some matrix systems whereby a monitor output displays a sequence of cameras in some logical order and not according to the numerical camera input assignment. For example, you may wish to display your front entrance, stairway and reception area cameras in that sequence despite the fact the they are connected to inputs 3, 5 and 9 respectively.
a division of the SHOP AMERICA ALLIANCE, representing hundreds of the nation's top shopping and dining tourism destinations
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a privately owned NZ company whose owners become involved on a daily basis to ensure their operation maintains maximum efficiency and best possible standards