Definitions for "ODESSA"
An Eastern European city, located on the northern shore of the Black Sea in modern-day Ukraine. After the Principality of Zeon launches its Earth invasion, Odessa becomes the center of a vast complex of resource-mining facilities supervised by Captain M'Quve. When the Earth Federation Forces launch their counteroffensive, they first target Odessa in order to cut off one of the Principality's most vital supply lines. [ Gundam, 08th MS Team
a city in western Texas
a curious mix of enticing seaside holiday retreat and polluted industrial port
Odessa is a character from the Filipino telefantasya saga Encantadia produced by GMA Network. She appears in Books 2 and 3 of the series. Odessa was played by Filipina actress Pauleen Luna.
Odessa is a fictional terrorist organization from the Play Station role-playing game Wild ARMs 2. They are the main antagonists for most of the game and has five notable members.
ODESSA - The Open Digital Evidence Search and Seizure Architecture is a cross-platform framework for performing Computer Forensics and Incident Response.