Definitions for "Estonia "
The ro-ro ferry that capsized and sank in the Baltic Sea in September 1994. 852 people lost their lives in the accident.
a republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea
a small country that borders Russia on the northwest; Estonia also borders the Baltic Sea and Latvia.
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Estonia also pegged its currency to the German Mark, and then the euro. Recently, the kroon entered the ERMII agreement.
a constitutional parliamentary democracy with a unicameral legislature (Parliament), a prime minister as head of government, and a president as head of state
Estonian State Web Center Estonian Customs Government of Estonia Estonian Export Agency Ministry of Finance Estonian Informatics Center Estonian Statistics Center
Estonian national e-government site. Site in Estonian, Russian and English.
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Home-made CMS. Created originally as a fishing blog. Entire suite is hand-coded from scratch. Also 2 b released, as a separate entity, the "post-editor". It's sorta BBcode like. Better features, not as pretty.. :p
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Radiolinja Website
Estonia cuts right to the heart of the matter with its aptly-named page, How to Pay Taxes,which gives a somewhat sketchy overview of the Estonian tax system. There's also a striking new page from the Estonian Investment Agency, called Tax Facts, which is very well worth paying a visit.
Estonia is a song from the British progressive rock band Marillion. It appears on their album This Strange Engine (1997).
A2 Default probability is still weak even in the case when one country's political and economic environment or the payment record of companies is not as good as in A1-rated countries.
a dynamic company providing consultancy and information services in a range of areas
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Estonia accounting glossary