Definitions for "Informatics"
The microarray field is experiencing an overwhelming push toward robust statistics and mathematical analytic methods that go far beyond the simple fold analysis and basic clustering that were once the mainstays of researchers in this area. This push toward better statistics is also driving the recognition of the need for more replication of experiments. These stronger analytical techniques also help researchers identify problem areas in the technology and laboratory processes, and these improvements, in turn, greatly improve the quality of results that can be provided.
The study of the application of computer and statistical techniques to the management of information. In genome projects, informatics includes the development of methods to search databases quickly, to analyze DNA sequence information, and to predict protein structure from DNA sequence data.
The study of how to apply computer and statistical techniques to the management of information. Bioinformatics has been greatly accelerated by the Genome Project.
the combination of computers and telecommunications systems; used interchageably with telematics
Advanced applications which combine computing and telecommunications.
The system created by the convergence of computer nodes and tele-communication links into a network. Electronic superhighway is a metaphorical term for informatics. It has gone out of fashion but should be retained to remind us that informatics is the infrastructure of the information society just as the transportation system was the infrastructure of the industrial society.
The use of science, computer science, information and other technologies to provide data, information and knowledge to the individual and the organisation.
the sciences concerned with gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving and classifying recorded information
The study of the impact of technology on people and performance.