Definitions for "Sequences"
a consequence of the evolutionary process
a fundamental aspect for bioprospecting and also for the development of evolutionary and speciation models
a fundamental problem in both computer science and molecular biology with important applications in locating regulatory sites and drug target identification
an essential tool for the study of the numerous diseases known to be caused by repeat instability, including Huntington's disease, Friedreich ataxia, and
an important technique in detecting biologically-significant relationships
a powerful analytical tool but possesses little power in detecting functional significance of specific mtDNA substitutions
a key process in the control of gene expression
a key step in the regulation of gene expression, DNA structuring and DNA repair
a powerful technology in transgenesis and in various gene therapy strategies
a popular technique for finding and annotating conserved genome features
a reality and could reduce the risk of invasive techniques for certain fetal disorders in the near future
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a collection of message numbers that is known by a name, such as unseen which is a sequence containing all the messages which haven't yet been viewed in a particular folder
a very rich source of information on family and population history, and as such is making available a more complete view of the latter that can be related to other historical records
a challenging project which is subject to substantial pitfalls and uncertainty
a Promoter region and a Rho- transcription terminator site
a growing field of research and development
a growing requirement at ABCC
A convenience feature of Oracle that allows unique sequential numbers to be automatically generated for you.
Also: one-dimensional array. A type of information where one element comes after another.
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an immediate task to work on