Definitions for "rho"
The dollar change in a given options price that results from a 1% change in interest rates.
The change in the value of an option with respect to a unit change in the risk-free rate. This parameter is available in our professional ONYX software.
The sensitivity of a financial contract's value to small changes in interest rates.
factor A protein which catalyzes transcription termination at certain sites or when an extended stretch on nontranslated, unstructured RNA is present. See Polar mutation.
This is a subunit of RNA polymerase which is involved in the termination of transcription.
A protein factor required to recognize certain transcription termination signals in E. coli.
Mammalian small GTP-binding protein that regulates actin polymerization targeted by toxins A and B of Clostridium difficile. Active in GTP bound state and inactive in GDP-bound state. Microinjection of cells with constitutively active Rho causes the formation of stress fibers and focal adhesions. (Lecture: The Actin Cytoskeleton, 4/2/02)
signaling protein inside plasma. A GTPase linked to elongated cell movement.
the 17th letter of the Greek alphabet
Greek letter "rho" (.). Used in the field of electricity and electronics to represent the specific resistance of a substance.
Rho (Greek: Ρω; Turkish: Kara Ada) is a small Greek island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea near Kastelorizo and less than 800 m from the Turkish coast.
Larger lunar evectional diurnal constituent. Speed = T - 3s + 3h - p = 13.471,514,5° per solar hour.
the reflection coefficient of a cable, that is, the ratio of the voltage applied to a cable divided by the reflected voltage. Almost all the energy is reflected back from the end of the cable (open circuit) so the coefficient is +1. A short circuit means that all energy is returned through the return conductor and the coefficient is -1. If no energy is reflected, the coefficient is 0. Deformations return a coefficient between -1 and 1.
A measure of the correlation coefficient between errors in time period t and time period t minus 1.
Rho is an Italian town near Milan, Italy and has about 51,000 inhabitants.
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Right-hand opponent.