Definitions for "Kara"
Keywords:  khalsa, sikh, bangle, gobind, singh
a steel bangle, worn on the right wrist by Sikhs.
Steel bangle. One of 5 "k's" of Sikhism.
Steel bracelet; symbolizes the oneness of God and the unity of man with God ad with man; one of the five marks of the Khalsa.
Keywords:  iit, undergrad, delhi, hostels, male
Karakoram hostel. One of the 5 male undergrad hostels of IIT Delhi.
Keywords:  simle, anklet, ring, type
simle ring-type anklet
Keywords:  elf, mystical, forehead, creature, gem
an elf-like creature with a mystical gem on its forehead
Keywords:  palo, alto, volunteer, counseling, peer
a Palo Alto non-profit, largely volunteer organization which provides emotional support and peer counseling
Keywords:  sakadvipa, levied, tax
Tax not levied in Sakadvipa
a beginner at fitness modeling but already possesses sex appeal, and some impressively strong legs, as well as her great will power
a smooth and steady designer and competitor
Keywords:  chinese, foreign
Chinese or foreign
Keywords:  china, empty, depending, character
empty or China, depending upon the character