Definitions for "Forehead"
The front or fore part of anything.
The forehead is right where you'd think it'd be: directly above the bill, on the front part of the bird's head. It is rarely patterned unusually but is often used when referring to the beak. Some birds, such as southern quail, may have a featherlike projection protruding from their foreheads, but most eastern birds have no outstanding plumage characteristics in this region.
the dorsal, anterior portion of the head, bounded posteriorly by a line between the anterior, edges of the eye openings and separated from the eye by the anterior end of the supercilium, below by a line from the dorsal edge of the nostril to the middle, of the eye. The feathers are usually short and do not extend far beyond the given line along the posterior margin.
The aspect or countenance; assurance.
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Area between bill and crown