Definitions for "Belly"
Keywords:  archer, bow, nearest, spareribs, loin
lower side(s) of a hog remaining after the loin and spareribs have been removed; the source of bacon.
The side of the bow nearest the archer.
The face of the bow on the same side of the string. This is the face of the bow that you face when you draw the bow.
That part of the human body which extends downward from the breast to the thighs, and contains the bowels, or intestines; the abdomen.
The belly is the area of feathers located on the far underside, beneath the wings and featuring the base of the legs. In such birds as the Red-Bellied Woodpecker and the Dark-Eyed Junco, it is colored differently than almost any other part of the body.
the region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis
Keywords:  protuberant, bulge, sail, swell, flask
The part of anything which resembles the human belly in protuberance or in cavity; the innermost part; as, the belly of a flask, muscle, sail, ship.
To cause to swell out; to fill.
To swell and become protuberant, like the belly; to bulge.
the name of an archtop soundboard.
Term applied to an archtop soundboard.
Keywords:  serrated, convex, knife, curve, blade
The hollow part of a curved or bent timber, the convex part of which is the back.
The bottom section of a curve.
The belly is the curving part of the blade edge. Bellies enhance slicing and may be plain or serrated. One note, the point of the knife becomes less sharp the larger the belly is. When choosing a knife you should decide whether penetration or slicing is the most important, and keep the design of this part of the knife in mind.
The underfloor space of an aircraft.
Under-floor area of an aircraft.→ Hold Space
A term applied to the underfloor area of an aircraft.
Keywords:  hide, pizzle, shorn, weakest, thinnest
The under part of the body of animals, corresponding to the human belly.
The thinnest, and therefore, weakest part of a hide.
the part of the muscle between the origin and insertion.
Belly was a rock band formed in 1991 by former Throwing Muses members Tanya Donelly (also in The Breeders with Kim Deal) and Fred Abong. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the band consisted of Tanya Donelly on lead vocals, Fred Abong bass, Tom Gorman guitar, and Chris Gorman drums. The band had an alternative rock sound that was uniquely mixed with both a twist of pop-reminiscent haunted melodies (much like those of Julee Cruise and the Cocteau Twins) and an occasional country music-like twang, which made it popular with college students searching for indie rock bands.
Belly is a 1998 motion picture, the feature film debut of music video director Hype Williams. An urban drama, the film stars rappers DMX and Nas as Tommy and Sincere, former partners in crime who become enstranged after Sincere decides to go straight and Tommy takes on a major drug deal from a Jamaican drug lord. The film also stars Taral Hicks, rappers Method Man and Vita, dancehall artist Louie Rankin and R&B singer T-Boz from TLC.
Between flank and breast
area below the breast and reaching to the vent. These feathers overlap the bases of the undertail coverts.
Keywords:  thickest, fly, tapered, section, mid
This is the mid-section of a fly fishing rod.
The weighted portion of the fly line, that is found near the front of the line, behind the tapered section. It is the thickest section of a fly line.
Running back runs the ball up the middle after taking the handoff from the quarterback with a reverse pivot.
Compartments located beneath the passenger deck used for cargo, baggage storage and mail.
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The womb.
Keywords:  trench, toe, lip, space
the space between the lip and toe of trench.
Keywords:  conic, tuft, midsection, thick, hair
the thick midsection of the tuft made from conic shaped, pointed natural hair.
Keywords:  thrown, inside, hooking, pocket, hollow
the ball – A shot from the inside boards thrown to the outside boards, and hooking back to the pocket. Also referred to as "in and out."
the hollow inside of something; "in the belly of the ship"