Definitions for "Symmetric"
Keywords:  aij, aji, skew, diagonal, consequently
A symmetric matrix has the same elements above the diagonal as below it, that is, aij = aji, or A = AT. A skew-symmetric matrix has aij = -aji, or A = -AT; consequently, its diagonal elements are zero.
relation on a set is symmetric, if x R y implies y R x, for all elements , in .
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Both sides of an object are the same (as opposed to asymmetric where both sides of an object are not the same) in size, shape or position.
occurring in the same parts on opposite sides of the body (e.g., right leg and left leg).
A characteristic of a sample or population which looks the same to the right of the peak as it looks to the left of the peak.
A term used to explain the normal, rhythmic ac flow of current (transient or dc component = ); the steady state component of any current or fault current calculation.
Internet connections that provide the same data transfer rate in both directions (upload and download).
A data connection is symmetric when upstream and downstream transmission speeds are approximately the same.
having similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts