Definitions for "leg"
The part of the rally route extended from an assigned starting point to the next timing CONTROL.
Each part of the rally, separated by fixed minimum stopping time. In practice, each day of rally is different leg.
The portion of a route between waypoints.
The downline that has been developed by a consultant
all downline first-level distributors are considered a leg.
A part of your downline that starts with...more A part of your downline that starts with a distributor sponsored by you and continues below that distributor.
Either side of a triangle distinguished from the base or, in a right triangle, from the hypotenuse; also, an indefinitely extending branch of a curve, as of a hyperbola.
In a right triangle, a side that is not the hypotenuse
Either of the two sides that form the right angle in a right triangle.
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A limb or member of an animal used for supporting the body, and in running, climbing, and swimming; esp., that part of the limb between the knee and foot.
A bow, esp. in the phrase to make a leg; probably from drawing the leg backward in bowing.
To bow.
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The part of any article of clothing which covers the leg; as, the leg of a stocking or of a pair of trousers.
The case containing the lower part of the belt which carries the buckets.
The part of a garment that covers the leg: Example: the leg of stockings and trousers.
a naked polish or british girl ass hole running alongside a bathtub or abutment. this term is sometimes used to describe a narrow strip of naked polish or british girl floor.
A tile wall running alongside a bathtub or abutment. This term is sometimes used to describe a narrow strip of tile floor.
A single, dithered pointing within an all-sky survey tile.
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The course and distance made by a vessel on one tack or between tacks.
(nautical) the distance traveled by a sailing vessel on a single tack
The part of the course bound by two marks or buoys.
That portion of travel between stops.
a section or portion of a journey or course; "then we embarked on the second stage of our Caribbean cruise"
One of the two portions of an angle iron separated from each other by the bend.
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a leg is earned by winning in an ARBA-sanctioned show as long as there are three exhibitors and five rabbits competing for the win. For example, first place in a class of five or more bunnies showed by three or more different exhibitors would earn a leg. For classes without enough exhibitors and/or bunnies, it may be possible to earn a leg by winning BOSV (if there are sufficient numbers of the related sex in the variety), BOV (if there are sufficient numbers in the entire variety), BOS (if there are sufficient number in the related sex of the breed) or BOB (if there are sufficient numbers in the entire breed). A rabbit may only earn one leg per judging.
A leg is any personally sponsored IMR and his/her entire organization.
The straight line travel of a submarine during passive sonar Target Motion Analysis (TMA) between maneuvers. During a leg the crew attempts to establish a steady bearing rate to the target and establish speed across the line-of-sight to the target. Two legs determine a firecontrol solution. Three legs confirm the solution. Four legs indicate the captain is afraid to shoot. A large sign at Prospective Commanding Officer School reads, “You don't need another goddamned leg
Describes one direction of travel between two points. Commonly used in referring to a planned itinerary, it may not indicate all landings such as fuel stops.
The lowest of the low in the Army. Non Airborne qualified personnel.
A term that is used frequently for a qualifying score.
slightly contemptuous term used by airborne-qualified troops when they are talking about regular infantry
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One side of an option spread. A leg may be long or short.
One side of a spread.
A risk oriented method of establishing a two-sided position. Rather than entering into a simultaneous transaction to establish the position (a spread, for example), the trader first executes one side of the position, hoping to execute the other side at a later time and a better price. The risk materializes from the fact that a better price may never be available, and a worse price must eventually be accepted.
An extension of the boiler downward, in the form of a narrow space between vertical plates, sometimes nearly surrounding the furnace and ash pit, and serving to support the boiler; -- called also water leg.
A narrow vertical masking curtain often hung in the wings.
The lower, angled stroke of a k. Letterform: Each letter of an alphabet can be distinguished from the others by its unique shape, or letterform.
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lek leak
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A branch or lateral circuit connecting an instrument with the main line.
A branch circuit; one phase of a polyphase system.
a part of a forked or branching shape; "he broke off one of the branches"; "they took the south fork"
The segment of a flight between two consecutive scheduled stops.
Segment of a track between the start and first turn or between subsequent turns. (Ganz & Boyd)
A disreputable sporting character; a blackleg.
(slang) game ("having one leg" means being vulnerable).
Each of the two matches in a home-and-away knockout format.
A game in a match, as in "the best of five legs", in which each leg is an entire game. Or, in the game of Legs, a stripe on the board.
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The endpoint of an internal connection. A cross-connect connects two legs together. For SVCs and soft PVCs, a leg can be a source leg or a destination leg. Also referred to as a "connection leg" or "half-leg."
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The width of a fusion face in a fillet weld.
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a prosthesis that replaces a missing leg
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A fielder whose position is on the outside, a little in rear of the batter.
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A column of text.
A column of type. A two-column headline will likely have two legs of type under it.
That which resembles a leg in form or use; especially, any long and slender support on which any object rests; as, the leg of a table; the leg of a pair of compasses or dividers.
one of the supports for a piece of furniture
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A leg represents a communication Path between a Connection Point and an addressable unit, for example a Terminal or telephone. source: EU-P103 - PIR2.3 domain: General usage: EU-P103
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Low Energy Grating.
An element attached to the base of a container that provides handling clearance and safe stacking.
a structure in animals that is similar to a human leg and used for locomotion
one component of a multiple option strategy
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To run.
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To use as a leg, with it as object
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See Cell
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