Definitions for "IMR"
interest maintenance reserve. For insurers in the United States, an Annual Statement account that absorbs the realized capital gains and losses in an insurer's asset portfolio caused by changes in interest rates. TO TOP
Interest Maintenance Reserve. A reserve established in interim form by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in December, 1991. IMR was established as a liability on a life insurer's statutory financial statements beginning in 1992. IMR applies to all fixed-income investments and captures the net gains realized from the sale of such investments and from interest rate changes and will amortize them over the remaining life of the instrument.
Interest maintenance reserve. A reserve that captures all realized, interestrelated capital gains and losses on fixed-income assets. These gains and losses are amortized into income over the remaining life of the investment sold.
Information Management Research
See: Internet Monthly Report
Internet Monthly Report. Published monthly, the purpose of the Internet Monthly Reports is to communicate to the Internet Research Group the accomplishments, milestones reached, or problems discovered by the participating organizations.
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Infant Mortality Rate. HDR defines the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) as the probability of dying between birth and exactly one year of age, expressed per 1,000 live births. Türkçe
Infant mortality rate. the number of infant (below 1 year) deaths per 1,000 live births, usually presented for a given year.
Infant Mortality Rate. the annual number of deaths of infants under one year of age per 1,000 live births. (TWG on Maternal and Child Mortality, NSCB)
Improved Military Rifle, a type of powder
Abbreviation for "Improved Military Rifle," a trademark of DuPont (now IMR Powder Company) to its line of single-base rifle powders.
See instance membership recovery (IMR).
instance membership recovery. The method used by Real Application Clusters guaranteeing that all cluster members are functional. IMR polls and arbitrates the membership. Any members that do not show a heartbeat in the control file record or who do not respond to periodic status queries are presumed to have expired. The Instance Membership Recovery arbiter settles the membership votes of nodes in a cluster, and creates a control file voting results record (CFVRR).
A state- and federally-mandated study for the evaluation of specific modifications to an existing interstate interchange.
Independent Marketing Representative. One who has submitted an IMR Application that has been accepted by the Company.
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Initial margin requirement
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Integrated Model Rules