Definitions for "Modifications"
(1) A written amendment of the contract documents signed by both parties. (2) A change order. (c) A written clarification or interpretation issued by the engineer in accordance with the terms of the contract. (d) A written order for a minor change or alteration in the work issued by the engineer pursuant to the terms of the contract. A modification may only be issued after execution of the agreement.
are changes to parts of an organism so that they function differently. Arms may be modified to wings, or posture may be modified from horizontal to upright. See Also: Augmentation, Embellishment, Replacement.
Recommended actions or changes for improving student learning, service delivery, etc. that respond to the respective measurement evaluation.
In opposition to mutations, modifications are included in the band width of the genome of an individual creature. Modifications are dependent on the plentifulness of the substrate, light, warmths, stress, training, and so on.
A modification is anything added or altered to the car that is not fitted as standard by the manufacturer. Examples of modifications include: alloy wheels, spoilers, sports exhaust, lowered suspension.
Users will not attempt to modify system facilities, attempt to crash the system, or impersonate system authorities.
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A PTWin32 function that allows users to customize PTWin32 with any unique fields they may need.
Any additions to or deletions from the substance or structure of (i) a file containing Licensed Product, or (ii) any new file that contains any part of Licensed Product. (See Section 2)