Definitions for "Performance-based assessment"
A tool for measuring student learning that requires the student to construct or produce a response to an assessment item or task. Performance assessments attempt to emulate the context or conditions in which the intended knowledge or skills are actually applied. Examples might include on-demand writing tasks, projects resulting in a product, performance, or event, and portfolios involving a collection of student work related to multiple standards or themes. Performance-based assessment plays an important role in the EFF standards-based education and improvement model. (Ananda, 2000.)
An evaluation in which students demonstrate they know something by using knowledge and facts. Practical applications and real-life tasks are used (sometimes referred to as "authentic assessment")
Assessment that requires learners to provide an answer or create a product that demonstrates personal knowledge or skills, or a better understanding of what is learned and put into practice; otherwise known as assessment of performance-based learning. (See also, authentic assessment and holistic assessment.)